Learning Portfolio 1, Item 1, Q2

2013 Smartphones
One of the reasons smart phones, and mobile phones in particular, have become so popular, is that these phones simplify tasks into an object that fits in the palm of one’s hand. All the technological necessities are accessible anywhere and at anytime, as these phones are built and designed to go everywhere with its user. These phones also provide strong relationships with the user, and these devices are so prominent due to the trust and loyalty involved. People also foster specific designs that tailor society, such as Apple and Android, where one user feels a sense of a belonging while using one brand over another.

First person shooters, or FPS video games, are predominantly consistent through different titles and brands due to the genre and its conventions. Changes to the physical appearance change between various titles and games, although the design of the genre constitutes similar modes, plots, tactics and strategies regardless of the game. A frequent player of FPS video games can pick up a new game, and although the game would be different aesthetically, the design itself creates similar usability. This somewhat opposes the argument of the reading, as these games are very popular between players, and many of these games are played through the usability provided by the general design.

Cartoons are one of the best examples for aesthetic design, and they create usability through the interaction and engagement from its audience. Cartoon characters are specifically designed from people for the people, possessing similar and likely traits that the audience understands and are familiar with. The Simpsons, for example, is host to a multitude of vastly aesthetic characters, designed to look and sound relatable, enabling each audience member to engage with the cartoon in differing ways. The colour that is prominently used by cartoons also provide a large aesthetic factor that creates interest within the audience.

Reference List

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