Learning Portfolio 3, Item 2

File:Logo Google 2013 Official.svg

Google is a key product that represents performance load. The world’s biggest and largest search engine and database contains millions and millions of pages, yet it is very simple to use. The site features programs and tools such as web crawlers, truncation and page ranking among thousands of others that simplify usage, which creates user centered design. The mass reduction in performance load means users will reach their desired destinations much quicker with minimal effort.

TuneGlue is a music map that assists its users in discovering musicians, artists and bands of similar sounds or genres to the artist they entered. This website is powered by Amazon and Last.fm who themselves have large databases of music, functioning as reliable sources when providing its results. TuneGlue is similar to a search engine and somewhat functions similar to page ranking, giving results based on relativity.

Telegraphy is a form of long distance communication that was constructed in the 19th century that replaced railroads and long distance trips, which resulted in news travelling much quicker and information being more widely accessible. From telegraphy formed radio, television and ultimately the internet, as new technologies were produced as a result. The reduction of performance load created a demand for delay to also be reduced, as the public wanted information as quick as possible, and so this design became the start of a revolution of simplicity and reduced effort.

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