Learning Portfolio 4, Item 2

Presumed web credibility: “Based on general assumptions in the user’s mind”

By searching through the Google Scholar database, the results returned also include citations in other works. This specific article is an example of presumed web credibility due to the fact that it has been cited 8,434 times.

Reputed web credibility: “Based on third-party endorsements, reports or referrals”

Mitsubishi Motors Australia features this on the home page of their website, talking up their Mirage ES model. By including the 5 star ANCAP safety rating and the two awards it has won, their audience may be more likely to purchase this car.

Surface web credibility: “Based on simple inspection, first impressions”
Alienware gaming PCs are renowned among gaming and computing enthusiasts for their capabilities and performance. To anyone that has basic knowledge of computers, reading on the specs of these computers may provide credibility that Alienware mean business.

Earned web credibility: “Based on firsthand experience that extends over time”
Government sites are websites that are expected to post accurate and relevant information and are conveyed as credible even before a user visits the site. Information and news may be subjective to highlight positivity, but nevertheless, they are perceived as credible by its nation and by other nations simply due to its authority.


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