Learning Portfolio 4, Item 1, Q3

Issues that may affect perceived web credibility in the future:

  • Discontinuation of website and/or organisation
  • Shift in employment, such as in senior/managerial roles, altering values and beliefs
  • New authors and editors on the site
  • Update/change in page layout/website design
  • New generation of people (such as every two or three decades)
  • Involuntary trends set and influenced by the people
  • Increase/decrease in demand regarding design
  • Funding and support from the government
  • Advancements in technology
  • Advancements on the world wide web
  • Accessibility to the site
  • Page ranking from search engines and databases, placement and relativity  in the search results
  • Accessibility to areas of, and pages on, the site
  • Contact details, separate pages regarding history and expertise of the authors
  • History of the site, how long it has existed
  • Relevance and credibility of its citations and sources