Learning Portfolio 3, Item 1, Question 3

Design is only necessary because of the way the human mind reacts to it. The brain generates feelings and emotions that are represented by the person in various ways, and it is these reactions that gauge how successful or unsuccessful a design is.

Anna Richardson Taylor explains in her article that psychology and design are closely linked, and to have a successful design, one must have knowledge and understanding of psychology (2013).

Designs are things that users visualise and interact with. Human eyes and brains are sensitive to perceptions, and can create imagery out of the placement of elements, such as in Gestalt’s Theory (Humphrey, 1924).

Knowledge of psychology is necessary because that is how designs are interpreted and how these designs are reacted to. Users are interested or uninterested in designs due to their appeal and relation to that user, and so to capture the attention of the audience, the design must contain elements that will do this.

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